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DPF Removal and Delete DPF Removal Delete Service Northern Ireland. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) on a car with a diesel engine has been known to cause engine problems due too high back pressure, soot build up in the exhaust system and display warning lights on the dashboard. If you have a blocked DPF you will notice the vehicle is under performing and providing low fuel consumption. We can remove DPF filters for All Makes and Models and specialise in DPF Removal/Delete for Mazda, Toyota and Lexus.

We can fully remove your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), install new pipework to your exhaust system or hollow out the filter part and put it back together, giving a stock appearance and update the vehicles ECU by deleting the DPF functionality with our latest software.If you don't see a vehicle listed here - please call us to see if we can do itCall Us Now on: 028 25630041
Benefits of Removing DPF. By removing the diesel particulate filter and reprogramming the ECU will eliminate any previous DPF problems, and in the long run save you time and money. Removing the DPF completely will:
  • Improve the vehicles torque and performance
  • Avoid any future DPF problems
  • No more DPF warning lights ever again
  • Save money on service maintenance costs
  • Restore your vehicles fuel consumption
We have carried out full DPF Removal Deletion on all major vehicle makes like: BMW, Toyota, VW, Peugeot, Toyota, Citroen, Mazda, Seat, Ford, Lexus, Honda, Vauxhall, Ford, Saab, Fiat, and loads more... We carry out all the modifications, software and parameter resets in house and offr a lifetime guarantee against all our DPF removalsNeed Consultaton? - Call Us!
DPF Problems - DPF Removal DPF History. DPFs started appearing on diesel cars around 1999. Most car manufacturers started to fit the DPF flters in order to reduce vehicles emissions. Like catalytic converters on petrol cars, they sit in the exhaust pipe and trap the large soot particulates before they have a chance to escape to the atmosphere.Diesel cars fitted with DPFs might not be suitable for someone doing mostly urban mileage - The problem is that prolonged town driving can choke the DPF up. If that happens a warning light will appear on the dash recommending you start a regeneration process to burn it off. This can involve driving for 20 minutes at a constant 40mph – easier said than done if you live in built up area and restricted by 30mph speed limit. If you ignore the light a second may then appear, by which time your DPF has had it and a big bill is heading your way and leaving your car in limp mode. AA Article about DPFS Act Now and Book your DPF Removal